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Watch: New Trailer Of Suicide Squad Highlights Harley Quinn And The...

The second trailer of the highly anticipated film Suicide Squad is here.

Jared Leto Sues Website Over Leaked Video Abusing Taylor Swift

Jared Leto has shocked everyone by making a move to sue the website TMZ that allegedly stole the video of him abusing singer Taylor Swift.

Behold! The Entire Suicide Squad Is Assembled And Ready

Behold, we bring you the best picture you will see today!

Jared Leto Or Heath Ledger: Who’s The Better Joker?

Joker and this new age transformation done by Jared Leto have left the fans bewildered.

Ex-Boyfriends Behind Cameron Diaz’s Attitude Of Gratitude

They say gratitude is the leading cause of happiness. Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz too, seems to ascribe to this philosophy.