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Bollywood’s Most Nerve Wrecking Accidents

Bollywood in its movies shows loads of action; however some actors have witnessed these scenes in their real life too.

Fatal Car Accidents In Bollywood

Car accidents may not be as frequent in Bollywood as it is in the West but it has made its ghastly presence felt a couple of times.

Late Actor Rajesh Khanna Honoured With Padma Bhushan

Late Bollywood actor Rajesh Khanna has been honoured with the Padma Bhushan Award 2013. His wife, Bollywood actor Dimple Kapadia collected the award today

Yash Chopra, Jaspal Bhatti – The Industry Suffers Grave Losses

Bollywood remembers the legendary filmmaker Yash Chopra, and the comedian Jaspal Bhatti who popularized satire as a form of social protest. The fraternity feels, "This year we’ve suffered severe losses."

Hundreds Of Mourners At Jaspal Bhatti’s Funeral Pyre

The mortal remains of famous comedian, actor and satirist Jaspal Bhatti were consigned to flames at a cremation ground, Thursday evening.

Jaspal Bhatti: Ode To The Original King Of Satire And Spoof

His spoofs, satire and comedy kept us entertained for years. Jaspal Bhatti, you will be missed.

Comedian Jaspal Bhatti Dies In Car Crash

Actor and comedian Jaspal Bhatti was going to Jalandhar for the promotion of his Punjabi film 'Power Cut' to be released tomorrow.