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Guess What Salman Khan Did When He Was Asked To Play...

The Bollywood actor Salman Khan has a long list when it comes to his love relationships. Although still single, the actor has dated many actresses.

Really? These Films Have Been Rejected By Salman Khan In The...

Salman Khan rejected some of the best films of Bollywood.

Watch: When Michael Jackson Stole Shah Rukh Khan’s Josh Thunder!

Shah Rukh Khan's movie Josh created various trends amongst the masses.

7 Bollywood Films You Won’t Believe Salman Khan Rejected

Very rarely people know that Bollywood’s Dabangg, Salman Khan rejected some of the best films that were Blockbuster hit later.

Imran-Kiran Launch Mansoor Khan’s Book, Aamir Skips

Mansoor Khan has returned, but not to moviemaking. Imran Khan and Kiran Rao launch his book.

Lessons From The King Of Romance: How To Woo Girls SRK...

The makers of 'Chennai Express' have released an interactive Youtube video on their Facebook page that lets users try different options in helping Rahul patao Meena. Can we learn anything from Shah Rukh Khan's flirting techniques? Of course we can! Let's look back at Shah Rukh Khan's romantic hero roles where he flirts the hell out of the women on screen.