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The Incredibles 2 And Cars 3 To Be Announced Soon

A sequel to The Incredibles, Incredibles 2 and the sequel of Cars, titled Cars 3, would be announced soon.

The Walt Disney Company Set For A Rocking 2014

The Walt Disney Company announced that it will select ten startup companies for a three month mentorship and seed-stage investment program.

Pixelated: No Pixar Film Release In 2014

Disney’s highly celebrated animated studio Pixar has announced that the studio will have no major releases in 2014. The two projects, ‘The Good Dinosaur’, ‘Finding Dory’ have been shifted to 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Hollywood Studio Pixar Puts Sequels On The Back-Burner?

Hollywood’s money machine aka Pixar has as much as announced that they’ve decided to puts sequels and prequels of their successful franchise films on the back-burner, at least for the time being.

Double Trouble: Pixar Cuts Down On Sequels

In a bid to produce original content, animation studios Pixar have announced that they will not helm sequels on a priority basis.