The Incredibles 2 And Cars 3 To Be Announced Soon

Incredibles 2 - mainA sequel to The Incredibles, Brad Bird’s Oscar winning 2004 computer animated film, which is about a family of superheroes, Incredibles 2 and the sequel of Cars, titled Cars 3, would be announced soon.

At the annual meeting for the shareholders and D23 members, Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Office, Robert A. Iger confirmed that not only is an Incredibles sequel being actively developed, but that Pixar and the Mouse House also have a third installment in the popular (though the least critically-respected among Pixar’s brands) Cars franchise planned and starting to move down the pipeline.

The news about Cars 3 is bound to generate far less excitement than the Incredibles 2 announcement. Fact is, after the comparatively lackluster Cars 2, which many people still regard as superior to a lot of other kids-oriented entertainment on the market and multiple less than memorable shorts focused around the tow-truck character Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), many a film buff tends to view the Cars franchise as being an easy way to make money for Disney/Pixar.

On the other hand, the profitability of the Cars movies has eased pressure on Pixar and Bird to make Incredibles 2 as quickly as possible. Indeed, Bird has said on multiple times over the last decade that he’s never stopped brainstorming ideas for an Incredibles sequel, but has simply yet to find a premise that he believes has real potential,  seeing how, like everyone else, he wants the sequel to match or improve upon the original film’s mix of rousing can do action, engaging familial drama, and clever social commentary elements.

As for Brad Bird’s involvement as director on Incredibles 2, that isn’t guaranteed yet, even though Brad Bird is currently working on the screenplay of the same.

Incredibles 2 is now moving forward at a faster pace, because the creative minds over at Pixar have, at last, found a way to start cracking that especially difficult nut. Then again, it is Pixar; at this stage, its track record is still strong enough to ensure that any product the studio releases should have a reasonable amount of thought and care put into it.

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