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Meet The New Bigg Boss 8 Friends Rahul Mahajan And Sonali...

Seems party fever for the Bigg Boss 8 contestants is not yet over. RJ Pritam Singh who was the second runner up of the show was seen partying with his friends

Bigg Boss 8: Diandra Learns A Lesson

A captain’s privileges in the Bigg Boss 8 are equivalent to a royalty.

Breaking ‘Bigg Boss 8’: Ali Quli Nominates Sushant Divgikar

Breaking 'Bigg Boss 8': Ali Quli Nominates Sushant Divgikar.

Bigg Boss 8: Task Details Revealed: It’s Gonna Be Tough

The contestants have started tasting the bitter side of this biggest reality show and we here by bring you all the latest updates right from the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss 8: How Was The Premiere Fared?

Bigg Boss 8 took off and yes that’s what the channel called its premiere yesterday.