Breaking ‘Bigg Boss 8’: Ali Quli Nominates Sushant Divgikar

Breaking ‘Bigg Boss 8’: Ali Quli Nominates Sushant Divgikar.
As we had reported earlier, Ali Quli has entered the house, and by the special powers given to him by Bigg Boss, he has decided to nominate none other than Sushant Divgikar.
Whether Sushant will be in this weeks nomination or the next week is unclear, considering that there is only one day left for the nomination and Sushant will have a disadvantage in the voting process because of his late eviction.
Bigg Boss 8 just doesn’t get enough of the twists and turns in the show. First it got the contestants to stay in a plane, then it gave them a home, but many tough challenges. Recently, the contestants were asked to name the contestants they wanted to save in the house, in opposition to the usual whom they wanted to eliminate.
Sonali Raut was evicted from the house in the first week, and she came back, after spying on all the contestants. Then Ali Quli Mirza entered the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry.
Ali Quli will also be making a Bollywood debut with the film Roar: Tiger Of The Sundarbans. It’s also a good way that Ali would be promoting his film.
Ali is very close to Salman Khan and knows Sonali Raut from the contestants in the house.
We, however, see similarity between Ali Quli of Season 8 and Ajaz Khan of Season 7. Reasons? Way too many!
Ajaz came in as an unknown personality as a wild card and made it big in Bigg Boss, so is Ali. Ajaz had a movie at hand, so does Ali. Ajaz knew Gauahar from last season, Ali knows Sonali.
More so, Ali Quli promises to entertain by pranking on selected girl members of the house. Ajaz also came with the same strategy and targeted Gauahar throughout. We sense danger, Sonali?
Whatever be the case, Bigg Boss is sure out to entertain the audience, atleast so we hope from the upcoming wild card entry!

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