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Here Is India’s Oscar Entry Liar’s Dice All About

Majority of India is unaware of what Liar’s Dice is and we would like to make them aware of it.

Little Films With A Big Heart

This year, it was all about the little gems, that stole everyone’s heart. At the cinemas this year, it was the little film that got everyone talking.

Meet The Jury! FFI Members Who Selected ‘The Good Road’ –...

The Film Federation of India (FFI) selected 'The Good Road' as India's Oscar entry on Saturday. Here's a look at the people behind it.

‘The Lunchbox’ And ‘The Good Road’ Are Siblings: Gyan Correa

For several days now, murmurs of dissent and a steady backlash has been building against India’s official entry to the Oscars, ‘The Good Road’. However, Gyan Correa, director of the Gujarati National Award winning film, speaks out in support of his feature.

OSCAR WATCH: KJo, Kashyap Disappointed As FFI Chooses ‘The Good Road’...

On Saturday, the Film Federation of India (FFI), chose a little-known Gujarati film, ‘The Good Road’ as India’s official entry to the Oscars. This itself would have not caused much of a hue and cry ordinarily, except that it was selected over films like ‘The Lunchbox’ and ‘Ship of Theseus’, both of which had been garnering tremendous Oscar buzz.