Alok Nath Speaks On His Abusive Behavior On Twitter


 Alok-NathAlok Nath has no harsh feelings for the woman who called the Prime Minister Narendra modi, a stalker. It all started whenwomen rights’ activist Kavita Krishnan showed disregard for the Prime Minister’s initiative. The Prime Minister asked all the dads to share a picture with their daughters on twitter. Many of them shared a picture with their daughter.On that, the activist said “Careful before sharing #SelfieWithDaughter with #LameDuckPM. He has a record of stalking daughters.”

She further tweeted, “Modi #MannKiBaat speaks of #Rakhi. For him this means protection of corrupt ‘sisters:Sushma, Vasundhara, Smriti, Pankaja on whom he’s silent”

This was enough to get Alok Nath’s attention but the reaction was not something we were expecting from the Guru of Sanskar.

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After reading the activist’s tweet, he tweeted, ‘’jail the bitch’’. And this kept the twitter trending with such stories for the whole day.


Now, when he was asked about the incident, he said that it was an immediate reaction as he has immense respect for the Prime Minister and couldn’t hear anything against the man who has the topmost position in the country. He also affirmed that he has got nothing against the activist and was not expecting such rough behavior from anyone. But abusing someone is not an answer to something. He deleted the tweet immediately but no use, because it already started making news. Well, everything is said and done now. We hope Alok Nath will take care from the next time and wont mind having a filter between his brain and keyboard.

After this incident, we would love to see the Sanskari version of Alok Nath again, wouldn’t you?