Aww! Divyanka Tripathi Just Did Something Adorable For Vivek Dahiya

Divyanka-Viviek[tps_footer]Don’t we all love cute onscreen couples? Now, the best part if when the onscreen couples are usually off-screen sweethearts as well. As the news have made their rounds, the adorable couple Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are currently sky high as they are about to get hitched in a few weeks, and along with that even their career is rolling pretty smooth as they have established themselves pretty well into the household. While Divyanka is a household name as Ishima, Vivek too has begun his stint as the lead protagonist on Ekta Kapoor‘s new show Kavach! Talk of happiness at another level.

Kavach debuted on June 11th and we all remember that trailer of Mona Singh and the supernatural force and of course it was scary! Talking of the show, it has been getting a quite good response from the audience. The plot of the story revolves around two women fighting over one man. Actress’s Mona Singh and Mahek Chahal are seen rampaging the whole place and catfighting over winning the handsome Vivek. Also Vivek seems to have a lot of attention from his two on-screen lovers and his fan following, there is one woman who seems to be completely smitten by Vivek’s charm and is showering love in abundance. That woman is none other than, (no points for guessing) Divyanka herself! She has been closely following the show and seems to be loving her would be’s stint on TV. She also posted a picture on Instagram to boost his morale and pump him up to perform even better. She wrote, ” You rocked in yesterday’s episode. 2nd episode as #Rajbeer…. Loved#Kavach! A gripping #Biweekly!”

Aww. That is an extremely sweet thing to do. We wish this couple a happy married life and of course, a lot of success to come their way![/tps_footer]

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