After Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Bani.J, Beau Yuvraj Thakur Also Gets Cupping Therapy Done


Reality TV star and VJ Bani.J made headlines in the house of reality TV show Bigg Boss 10 for her infamous scuffles with another contestant Lopamudra Raut. The two ladies often accused each other of faking their beauty and created a havoc in the house.

While Lopamudra Raut accused Bani.J of undergoing cosmetic surgery, Bani told Lopa that beauty is beyond make-up. And since then the VJ turned actor is trying to make a point that everything you see on the surface might not be the reality.

Recently, the VJ posted a long message along with a picture where she is seen undergoing cupping therapy to get rid of the pain she is experiencing physically, spiritually and emotionally in her life.

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She wrote, “I’m in pain. Physical, emotional and spiritual. I’m also smiling and deliriously in love. It’s been a hard week and some of y’all know my mom’s been sick and she’s gotten sicker. And it s*cks b*lls. So yeah. Struggle town population +1 for sure. Not here to crib about it, here to let you know everyone is struggling.”

But apparently, Bani.J didn’t take the pain alone. Her beau Yuvraj Thakur was there with her to share the pain.

Bani shared the pictures of their cupping session on her Instagram story which had ‘#COUPLESTHERAPY’ written on them.

While Bani had a smile on her face while going through the painful session, Yuvraj looked much in pain in the photo. Bani even wrote, “Baby ko laga,” on the picture which had Yuvraj getting treated with needles.

In her earlier post, Bani explained the cupping therapy to her followers as she wrote,

“this Chinese cupping therapy is Bomb. Hurts like hell, and you’re left with these amazing marks. But ayy.. scar tissue always stronger than regular tissue right? Fun science fact: The spots that are redder than others are where there were bigger deeper knots/ stress/ tension. The skin gets red because of the increase in blood flood, relieving of the pressure built up inside and helps get rid of toxins. Now, I need a nap. Gday!”

Check out the pictures:

In the picture, we can see the scars on Yuvraj’s shoulders from the cupping therapy session.

Bani.J & Yuvraj Thakur

Yuvraj didn’t want Bani to go through the pain all by herself and accompanied her and also got the therapy done.

Bani.J & Yuvraj Thakur

Way to go, you two!

Yuvraj Thakur