OH NO! Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar Has Landed Into A Legal Trouble


Soon after Manveer Gurjar became the winner of the most talked about Bigg Boss 10, he landed into a sea of controversies.

It all began when some wedding pictures of the Gurjar boy went viral on the internet. Later adding to it came the wedding video where Manveer was seen in a ‘dulhe raaja’ avatar and we witnessed the ghudchadai ceremony of this common man who became a superstar after winning the show. After all this a video of Manveer went viral on the internet where he was going on an abusive rant on his way to Noida.

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It is not over for Manveer yet as he has landed into a legal trouble now. As reported, “Noida police has filed a case on Manveer Gurjar under the section 341 of the IPC, our source exclusively revealed to us. So, what happened is that a felicitation program was organised by Manveer’s close ones at park in sector 46, Noida. A permission for 40 vehicles to be there at the venue was taken from the police. But the commotion caused at the park was unimaginable bigger than what anyone, especially the police, had expected. A source revealed that over 1000 vehicles ended up being at the venue. You can only imagine the crowd there. A huge traffic jam was a tough job for the cops to handle. And eventually a case was filed on Manveer.