Bigg Boss 10: Here’s How Manveer Gurjar Lived His Life Outside The House!

This time, the makers of the reality show, Bigg Boss got a huge twist by getting commoners as the contestants along with celebrities. This created quite an anticipation among the audience and each one had an eye that who are the commoners of the show. Seven commoners walked in the house and gave a tough competition to the celebrity contestants. It was surprising to see that how commoners made it to the top spot and grabbed all the limelight. One such commoner who managed to win hearts of the audience is none other than Manveer Gurjar. With his strong personality and bold attitude, Manveer got a huge fan following.

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From nobody to a star now, Manveer came a long way and proved himself at every moment. His drastic transformation on the show had won many hearts. Not just that, his friendship with Manu Punjabi proved that Manveer was not only here to play the game but also to earn friendship and win hearts. Well, Manveer’s life outside the house might not be as interesting as it was inside the house but will surely raise many eyebrows. CLICK NEXT TO READ MORE!

1 He has survived in Bigg Boss 10 house along with 14 contestants but little did anyone know that Manveer Gurjar lives with a joint family of 49 members!

2. For what it’s done for the Gurjar community, Manveer Gurjar has pledged his alliance to Aam Aadmi Party. He is also a dairy farm owner!

3. Manveer Gurjar’s real name is Manoj Kumar Baisoya. He stays in Noida’s Agahpur village, which is nestled in the heart of urban Noida.

4. Manveer rides a typical two-wheeler scooter, which has his name engraved on it in Hindi. 

5. Manveer visited his home and met parents after days and weeks as he used to stay most of the time outside the house with friends. He preferred to live his life by his rules and not as his parents wanted him to be.