Bigg Boss 10: Monalisa And Manu Punjabi’s New Romance Amid Task!


The growing closeness between Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manu Punjabi and Monalisa has grabbed all the limelight in last few days. In fact, Monalisa is seen spending most of her time with Manu Punjabi in the house that any other contestant. From spending time in the lawn to flirting with each other, Mona and Manu are grabbing all the limelight over their proximity. While Mona revealed that she is in a relationship for 8 years, Manu revealed that he is already engaged to Jaipur based girl. But what we are seeing happening between the two is surely not a friendship!

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 10, you will witness the growing intimacy between Mona and Manu. The duo is sure to raise many eyebrows as they sleep on the same mat holding each other’s hand. For the new luxury budget task, “Adi Manav” the housemates had to spend their time in the garden area. While relaxing amid task, Manu and Mona get into their usual flirty and romantic mood. One can see in the photo how they are enjoying each other’s company and as they say, “it’s a friendship”.

The two have already shared about their personal life to each other. We wonder if getting close is their strategy to stay strong in the game.

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