Bigg Boss 10: Shocking TWIST In This Week’s Eviction!


Bigg Boss always has surprises in store for the housemates as well as for the viewers. Without twists and turns, Bigg Boss 10 show will surely look boring and to raise the entertainment level a notch up, the makers of the show are in a treat with another surprise. Yes, a big surprise is on its way for the housemates that Salman Khan will announce in the coming episodes of weekend ka vaar.

Excited? So as well all know this week Bani, Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev, Nitibha Kaul and Manveer are nominated for this week’s eviction. But hold on, the nominated contestants are not aware that this week voting lines are closed and no eviction is happening this time. Yes, you read that right!

This week there is no eviction but the house will instead see an addition of contestants. Not 1 or 2 but 4 wild card entries will be seen this weekend. Now that’s insane and we can’t wait to catch how the housemates inside the house will react to this.

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