Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar’s Bhabhi Reveals Something On Manveer’s Bride And Nitibha Kaul!


Indiawala Manveer Gurjar who won the title of Bigg Boss 10 is the first aam aadmi contestant to win the show. A desi man with long beard and pointed moustache comes from a very humble background.

In an interview to a leading portal, Manveer‘s elder brother Anoop Gurjar and bhabhi opened up about how Bigg Boss has changed his life for all good. They even gave their views on the kind of ‘bahu’ they are looking for Manveer. Manveer’s bhabhi said that she should be homely, simple, and somebody whose thoughts match with Manveer. Someone who respects the elders in the house. Very categorically she said that they definitely don’t want someone like Nitibha. As there is nothing homely about her.

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Manveer‘s brother Anoop also further said that they are fine with the friendship between Nitibha and Manveer. But from family perspective, he said that he doesn’t think she’s the right choice, but he also added saying that everyone thinks differently. 

Talking about Manveer and his behaviour before entering the house his bhabhi said that Manveer has changed a lot. Earlier he was completely spoilt. He used to come home late and never informed his parents or brother.  He never entered the kitchen or did any household chores. Talking about Manveer’s popularity that he had gained after the show, Anoop said, “Now everybody knows that I’m Manveer’s brother. I am so proud of him,”

Yayyy Manveer! Everyone is so proud of you!

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