Bigg Boss 10: You Won’t Believe How Much A Contestant Will Have To Pay If They Quit The Show Midway


Bigg Boss contestants, having spent more than 70 days now in the house are facing difficulty in adhering to the terms and conditions of the contract they had signed with the channel. The contestants get paid for every week they stay in the house but on the other hand there is no way out of the house without paying a HUGE Amount of money from their own pocket.

Any contestant who would want to leave the show without getting evicted on the weekend will have to pay…. GUESS HOW MUCH? 2 CRORES !!!!! This amount goes as a fine directly to the channel.
This was very evident when Rohan agreed to pay Rs 2 crores as a fine in order to get out of this mad house while being accused of slapping Swami Om. Similarly, during a fight between Manu and Swami Om, Manu said directly on the camera,”I don’t care about 2 crores, I will not spare Swami Om and just leave the house