Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Asks Something Very Shocking To Vikas Gupta That Leaves Him Embarrassed!


Arshi Khan says something to Vikas Gupta in Bigg Boss 11 house that leaves him in a shock.

Sometimes Bigg Boss 11 contestants forget that their every move and word is being recorded. However, there are some actions and words of contestants that are not appropriate for the makers to telecast on TV. One such scene was of Arshi Khan when she used some inappropriate words that might leave you in embarrassment as well. This conversation of Arshi Khan with Vikas Gupta was shown in an unseen video of Bigg Boss 11.

In an unseen voot video, Arshi Khan is seen chilling out on the couch with Luv Tyagi, Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma. Suddenly, Arshi Khan uses a Hindi term, that when translated has an adult twist to it. She asks Vikas Gupta, “do want to eat it?” As soon she says this, Vikas Gupta, Luv and Priyank laugh out loud. Vikas tells Arshi that why is she scandalizing him.

Arshi repeats the same thing again and annoyed Vikas Gupta gets up from the couch to hit her with the pillow. Vikas keeps hitting her with the pillow and tells that how she talks rubbish on national television.

Priyank then asks Vikas Gupta the meaning of what Arshi said. To which Vikas replied, “its Hindi meaning of English word ‘Via*ra.’

As soon as Priyank gets to know, he goes to Arshi and tells if she has lost her mind. They all laugh at Arshi’s this act. Vikas then tells Arshi to do all this nonsense talk with Luv Tyagi as he is bugs bunny and tortoise of the house.

Arshi makes another vulgar joke by saying that she loves horses more than slow tortoises.

We wonder what Arshi Khan is really up to!

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