Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Claims Priyank Sharma Is Gay, Hina Khan Breaks Down!

Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Claims Priyank Sharma Is Gay, Hina Khan Breaks Down!

Bigg Boss 11 house is turning into a battleground, courtesy Arshi Khan.

Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 saw an ugly fight between Arshi Khan and Priyank Sharma. The luxury budget task ‘BB Court’ turned ugly after Priyank Sharma made some remarks on Arshi Khan during the task. However, Arshi didn’t take it as a part of the task and she vents out all her anger at him.

In the task, Arshi and Hiten Tejwani play a couple who are heading for the divorce while Sapna and Bandgi Kalra play judges. Puneesh and Vikas are Arshi’s brothers while Shilpa Shinde is her mother. Vikas Gupta also plays a lawyer.

On the other hand, Luv, Akash, and Priyank played Hiten’s brothers, and Hina played his sister. Hina is also Hiten’s lawyer. The court will have sessions throughout the day.

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Both the teams discuss their game plans before starting the luxury budget task. Priyank entered the witness box first and started making comments that Arshi Khan keeps flirting with every man in the house. He also says that Arshi keeps gymming in a provocative manner. He further says that such things shouldn’t be done from a bhabi to her devar. Both the teams make allegations on each other to win the first session of the game. Vikas’s team wins the first session of the task.

For the second session, Hiten comes in the witness box and once again a game of allegations starts. Then Shilpa comes in the witness box where she keeps her points to defend the team. In no time, the whole house turned into a battleground.

Judges also start making personal comments and get into the argument. Things turn to a next level when Arshi Khan makes some nasty comment about Hina Khan. She said that Sabyasachy and Hina Khan used to talk cheap and dirty talks. This leaves Hina and Priyank angry to the core.

Arshi also makes a huge comment about Priyank. She said that Priyank and Sabyasachy had some kind of scene and that she witnessed it. Priyank gets angry like never before and screams saying that he is tired of this claim of ‘gay’. He goes to Vikas Gupta and tells that how they linked them also.

Later, judges announce the Hina Khan’s team wins the second round of the task.

Now tomorrow’s episode will see another ugly fight between Arshi Khan and Hina Khan. During the argument, Arshi also threatens to hit Hina will chappal. The second day of the task is going to be intense after Arshi Khan makes a sensitive comment on Hina.

Hina breaks down into tears saying how can she make such fun of me. Well, get ready to witness a new drama tomorrow.

But one thing is sure, Salman Khan is surely going to take a class of each one for once again going personal.

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