Bigg Boss 11: Arshi Khan Makes Dirty Revelation About Hina Khan, Here’s What Happened Next- Watch Video!


Priyank Sharma, Hina Khan’s accusations leave Arshi Khan angry like never before in Bigg Boss 11 house.

Bigg Boss 11 house is going to turn into a battleground once again. Well, tonight you will see housemates gearing up for another luxury budget task of the week called, ”Bigg Boss Court”. The entire house has been converted into a court for the task.

Housemates will be divided into two groups while Bandgi Kalra and Sapna Choudhary will be the judge. Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan play the role of lawyers for their respective clients. Bigg Boss has already given a situation in which Vikas and Hina have to fight for Arshi Khan and Hiten Tejwani’s divorce case.

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Hina will be playing on Hiten’s side while Vikas will be fighting the case for Arshi Khan. However, things turn ugly when Priyank Sharma and Hina Khan make some comments on Arshi Khan. Priyank comes in the witness box and starts defending for Hiten that how Arshi has been flirting with every man in the house and that she does gym in a provocative manner.

Well, after the task, things turn unexpected. Arshi removes her anger on Hina Khan by revealing something dirty about her. The two show grudges against each other in the task but little did anyone know that things would turn personal. Arshi reveals something personal about Hina Khan.

Hina says, ”How can Arshi speak something such about her on national television.” In reply, Arshi says, even she made an offensive statement about her.” Hina then replies saying that it was a part of the task.

Later in the day, Arshi and Priyank get into argument. Arshi shouts at the top of her voice that how Priyank doesn’t know how to respect women.

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