Bigg Boss 11: Evicted Contestant Mehjabi Siddiqui Makes SHOCKING Statements About Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma!

Bigg Boss 11: Evicted Contestant Mehjabi Siddiqui Makes SHOCKING Statements About Hina Khan, Priyank Sharma!

Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan dropped the biggest bomb of double elimination in weekend’s episode. Salman evicted Sabyasachi Satpathi and Mehjabi Siddiqui, the two padosi contestants in the double eviction. Sabyasachi and Mehjabi entered the house as padosis but failed to create any controversies in the house, which is must to survive in the game. In fact, a few days ago Salman Khan had asked Mehjabi Siddiqui to participate in the game as she is nowhere seen on the TV. On the other hand, Sabyasachi had managed to become the captain of the house but sadly, he could not complete his captaincy as he got evicted this weekend.

Mehjabi Siddiqui, a wife and mother, was quite vocal about everything but she couldn’t create any controversy. The mother of one has blamed Hina Khan as the reason behind her eviction.

Talking to, she said, “I am out of Bigg Boss because of Hina Khan. She spoiled my game completely. I was naive to fall for her tricks and I can’t accept the fact that I am out, while she is still going strong.”

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On Padosi being a failure group: Mehjabi said, “When we entered the main house, we should have been together. Our motive was to make life hell for the housemates. But Hina played smart and got Luv (Tyagi) on her side. With Lucinda (Nicholas) also leaving and Sabyasachi being friendly with everyone, I was left alone. I survived the game playing solo but in the house, you need bonding and relationships to survive.”

On hoping for a second chance: “Finally, the audience had started seeing my true self and I am out. I had just now understood the game and was doing well. I wish I can get a chance to go back in the house so that I can take revenge for whatever wrong happened with me. Hina talks about class and mujhe uski aukad dekhani hai (I want to show Hina her class). If I don’t get a chance, I will live with a regret that I missed on this big opportunity.”

On Hina Khan scared of her: “Hina is a fattu and she is really scared of me. I was a threat for the housemates and thus they were always very sweet to me. I was a fool to believe their tricks and became submissive. Only recently, I realised that they are great players and I too had started showing my moves. But my game plan was cut short by this eviction. They could have just evicted Sabyasachi for now, and given me just one more week. I am confident that I would have surprised everyone.”

On Shilpa Shinde smart player: “Shilpa Shinde is a very smart player and I think either she or Vikas Gupta should win the show. As for Sapna Chaudhary, she is a fake and is playing the game slyly. Priyank Sharma is a kutta, who wags his tail at Hina’s orders. I don’t want to live with this pain that these people are still inside while I have been evicted. I am a person, who doesn’t let go things and this will be a wound that will never heal.”

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