Bigg Boss 11 Exclusive: Priyank Sharma Or Luv Tyagi? You Won’t Believe Who Is EVICTED from Salman Khan’s Show


Guess who is out of Bigg Boss 11 house…Priyank Sharma or Luv Tyagi?

As we all know Bigg Boss 11 contestants Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma have been nominated this week for eviction. Interestingly, Luv and Priyank who share a good bonding are pitted against each other this week for eviction. The contestants are just a couple of weeks away from the finale and it would be very disappointing if any of the two leaves the show at this stage of the game.

While Priyank Sharma entered the show as a celebrity contestant, Luv Tyagi entered as padosi and commoner. It’s quite tricky to guess who will leave Bigg Boss 11 house at this stage. While you are waiting to know who will get evicted in Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar episode, we confirm Priyank Sharma has been EVICTED. Yes, you read that right! Priyank is out of the show and Luv Tyagi makes it to the semi-finale of Bigg Boss 11.

Well, Priyank managed to stay in the limelight since day one of the show. From being thrown out of the show by Salman Khan in the first week, to making insulting remarks on Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan, Priyank hit the headlines every week. He continued to hog limelight every now and then. His closeness with co-contestant Benafshah Soonawallah was also a talk of the town. His girlfriend Divya Agarwal also broke up with him due to the same. However, despite being a huge fan following, Priyank could not make it to the finale. There can be a lot of reasons and for one, we think the mistakes he made of body-shaming Shilpa Shinde.

Talking about, Luv; be it the housemates or the viewers, everybody has been wondering how him being a commoner has managed to get so many votes. Luv Tyagi who was at the risk of elimination a few weeks back is one of the strongest contenders now. He is playing the right game and somehow makes us remind Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar, who played the game with all loyalty.

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