Bigg Boss 11: Here’s How Shilpa Shinde Became The First Finalist Of The Show!


Leaving behind Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta, Shilpa Shinde has become the first finalist of Bigg Boss 11!

There is no doubt in the fact that Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde are the most popular contestants of the controversial TV reality show Bigg Boss 11. But it is Shilpa who has left behind the other two and has become the first finalist of the show.

Shilpa won the task Ghar Aaye Gharwale. She was able to impress not just her brother, but also the loved ones of other contestants. She performed extremely well in the cooking task and the invisibility task. As a result, she became the new captain of house.

Which in turn means (if Bigg Boss does not decide to put another twist), that she will be safe from nominations in the next week. Hence, we can say that the TV actress has already got a ticket to finale.

Shilpa has given up her contendership for captaincy so many times for other people. It was last week only when she was so close to becoming a captain. But just because of the majority, she had to step down making Hina the captain.

This is the first time that Shilpa has got the captaincy of the house and it is a well-deserved one. It is also a very crucial point of the show, as the finale episode is all set to be shot on January 14, in the next year.

Meanwhile, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma have been nominated this week for leaving the house. Last week’s eviction of Arshi Khan came as a surprise to everyone. That is why we can always expect the unexpected from the show. Let’s see who has to leave the show just a few days before the finale!

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