Bigg Boss 11: Find Out All About Arshi Khan’s Pune And Goa Scandal!

Arshi Khan Bigg Boss 11

As earlier we reported, Arshi Khan’s counsel has filed FIR against Bigg Boss 11 contestants Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhry and on makers of the show. Priyank and others have fallen into trouble for bringing Arshi Khan’s legal case on the show in the recent episode.

A statement issued by Arshi’s publicist, Flynn Remedios, reads, “Filing FIR/criminal complaint against Bigg Boss 11 contestants, Priyank Sharma, Sapna Choudhary, Colors, Endemol, today under various IPC provisions concerning the dignity of a woman in legally privileged and protected cases. Colors and Endemol are accused/guilty of permitting telecast of legally privileged/protected and subjudice court matters including the right to prevent or avoid self-incrimination by accused or victim woman and using it for TRP and financial gain.”

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To uninitiated, Priyank tells Sapna to use the words ‘Pune and Goa’ against Arshi Khan, something that he hinted about her police cases. Sapna does the same, which creates a huge fight between them. Arshi then confronts Priyank about it and that if he has revealed things to Sapna, to which he pretends to not know anything of it.

Arshi was quite in a shock and broke down into tears thinking about her Pune and Goa scandal. Arshi was even heard saying that her parents will never accept her after watching the episode.

Talking about her Pune scandal, according to media reports, on October 25, 2016, the Pune police busted a high profile prostitution racket and in which model and actress, and now ‘Bigg Boss 11’ contestant Arshi Khan was allegedly involved.

The Pune crime branch police got information that an agent from Assam named Krushna Kafale, was operating a racket at Hotel Arora in Camp, Pune. The next day police reached the spot. Police, who went there as a normal person, met an agent named Vipul Dahal, who then took the customer (policeman) to the room of the hotel where the actress-model Arshi was present. The police rescued her and arrested both the agents.

The next morning, Arshi was sent to the Wanowrie rescue home from where she fooled police and escaped. After which a case was registered against her at Wanowrie police station. Pune police claimed that she stayed at a hotel and solicited clients through her agent, Vipul Dahal, who was arrested. Reportedly, Arshi Khan has two pan cards with different ages.

Arshi in her statement claimed that she was in Pune to meet a friend and stayed at hotel Aurora Towers in Camp under her own name. Her publicist Flynn Remedios told Pune Mirror that the cops who ‘raided’ the room demanded money from her and when she refused, sought se*ual favours.

Police also got their hands on quite a few audio recordings of conversations between Dahal and the model. “She argued with Vipul over the compensation per client and what all she would have to do for the money. The conversations are pretty detailed and there is no doubt left that she was indeed part of the flesh trade,” said a senior Pune police official.

However, Arshi called this as a fake trade in one of the interviews.

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Goa scandal: If reports are to be believed, Arshi Khan was involved in another such case in Goa. Goa police had arrested Arshi khan from a 5-star hotel on the accusation of practicing prostitution. After she was arrested, Arshi managed to assure the police that she is not involved in any such practices and also that she is an actress. After which she landed back to Mumbai.