Bigg Boss 11 First Promo: Salman Khan REVEALS The Never Seen Concept In The Most Quirky Way!


The makers of controversial reality show, Bigg Boss have unveiled the first promo of the show featuring host Salman Khan, The show, which is all set to begin soon, will have a unique and never seen concept. The madness for the reality show in the country has already begun. The makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to bring the best and entertaining contestants in Bigg Boss 11. Of course, this time again, commoners along with the celebrities will be locked inside the house for three months.

As earlier we had revealed, Bigg Boss house will see the biggest renovation ever and host Salman Khan hints about the same in the first promo of Bigg Boss 11. This time not one but there will be two houses. The contestants will be divided into two houses.

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In the first promo, Salman Khan is seen dressed up in night suit and is seen interacting with people of the adjacent houses, which is a hint that this time Bigg Boss 11 will have two houses. Salman Khan has also got an interesting tagline to the season 11, “Tan Tanna Tan Tan Tan Taara yeh hai Bigg Boss Gyara (Bigg Boss 11)”.

Raj Nayak shared the first teaser promo of Bigg Boss 11 on his twitter handle. Watch it right here:

So, are you ready for the unseen force?