Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma Reveals About His Girlfriend In U.S


Here is the truth about Priyank Sharma’s Jaan.

Lately, Bigg Boss 11 contestants have been getting personal with each other. Too personal to be shown on national television’s screens. Few days ago Bigg Boss had shared an extra clip from the house where Hina Khan is seen giving Priyank Sharma a massage. Priyank then told her to go easy or his ‘jaan’ in the U.S might get upset with him.

Priyank also went to pleaded with Bigg Boss not to air the clip as all hell will break loose for him.

But Bigg Boss being the benevolent house host he is, he took Priyank’s request into consideration but also aired the clip as an extra.

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All this while whenever Priyank has mentioned a lady friend of his he was assumed to be talking of his ex-girlfriend of 10 years, Nikita Nagpal.

After the clip was aired, all hell did break loose for Priyank.

His girlfriend and ‘Jaan’, Divya Aggarwal was heartbroken. She went on a spree of posting heart wrenching messages on Instagram, gave interviews about how betrayed she feels.

Divya felt that Priyank and his ex-girlfriend may have met in Delhi when he was ejected from the Bigg Boss house due to his tussle with Akash Dadlani. During that time she was reportedly in China and the couple still were on regular talking terms.

But all doubts were cleared when an unseen clip was shared on Voot. In the clip Priyank is seen talking to Benafsha Soonawala about the number of girlfriends he has. He further added that he is in a relationship with Divya and Nikita is his childhood friend.

So now that is clear, we hope this clarification from Priyank will put Divya’s heart at ease.

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