Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif Launch Dil Diyan Gallan Song, Katrina Picks Salman Over Aamir Khan!


Another high on drama week in Bigg Boss 11 has come to an end with Salman Khan taking over the weekend episodes.

Joining Salman Khan on the Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar episode was none other than his ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ co-star Katrina Kaif.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are coming back to sizzle the silver screens with Tiger Zinda Hai. Well, nothing could be a better platform than Bigg Boss 11 to kickstart the film’s promotion. The two launched Tiger Zinda Hai’s second song ‘Dil Diyan Gallan’ on the reality show.

The much awaited moment of the show came when Katrina arrived on the sets. Salman welcomes lady boss Katrina Kaif by addressing her as the most beautiful and talented actress of Bollywood. She makes a bang on entry to ‘Swag Se Swagat’ song from Tiger Zinda Hai. The two set the stage on fire with their sizzling chemistry.

Katrina welcomes fans and viewers on Bigg Boss 11 in Salman Khan’s style. Salman then plays a fun game with Katrina where she had to select one out of two Bollywood stars.

First, Akshaye Khanna-Anil Kapoor’s picture pops up, Katrina selects Anil Kapoor. Then, Akshay Kumar-Anil Kapoor’s pic pops up on the screen, Katrina selects Akshay Kumar.

For the third time, Shah Rukh Khan-Akshay Kumar’s picture comes, Katrina selects Akshay.  Then comes Akshay Kumar-Aamir Khan’s pic, she elects Aamir.

Lastly, Salman Khan-Aamir Khan’s picture comes on the screen, Kat selects Salman saying that Aamir would always want her to pick Salman over him.

Salman Khan then tells her if at any point he was given any actresses to choose, he would have selected her always. Lots of love and bonding, we say.

For the second game, Katrina sits on the live detector machine. Salman asks her who is her favourite star, Kat names Akshay Kumar and then she names Hrithik Roshan as well.

Salman asks about her favourite female co-star, Kat names Alia Bhatt but the machine starts blinking red light.

Salman Khan then sits on the machine. Kat questions if he will ever marry anyone. To which Salman Khan replies that his age has gone to marry. Kat says it’s a wrong answer as he can still marry according to live detector machine.

She asks the second question of why he removes his shirt during the climax of his every film. To which he replies that he gets tired at the end of the film and removes because he feels hot. Then he tells the truth that when I know I have gained biceps, I try to flaunt.

Kat asks another spicy question about her being his favourite co-star. Salman Khan replies ‘yes’ but Kat says he is lieing according to the machine.

She also asks if its true that without bath he loves to go studio. Salman Khan replies yes, he goes without bath to the studio to workout then comes back to bath and then heads for shooting. He reasons saying that without it is good to go on cycling without having a bath.

Salman and Katrina then launch the new second song, Dil Diyan Gallon’. Well, well, we just can’t get enough of their chemistry in the song. From setting out date for Katrina to painting her portrait on snow, Salman is all awe about Katrina in the song.

Watch the song below: