Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan Takes Class Of Puneesh Sharma And Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan Accepts Her Mistake


Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11 weekend ka vaar started with Salman Khan explaining about his hoarse voice due to climate change.

The superstar then shows the latest chapter of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa and Hiten are seen talking about Arshi and Akash Dadlani. They talk that how these people have changed and are talking nonsense.

The other scene sees Shilpa talking to Bandgi and Puneesh that how Arshi and Akash have started working in the kitchen. Bandgi tells Shilpa that they know how strong she is in the game.

At the same time in the kitchen area, Akash tells Arshi Khan that Shilpa Shinde likes Puneesh Sharma and that a new love story is starting in the house. Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani stop him from talking such things. Later in the night, Arshi goes to Shilpa Shinde to sort their difference but they end up arguing.

Salman Khan talks to Bigg Boss 11 housemates and requests them to maintain peace as he can’t talk more due to bad voice. Salman pulls Hiten’s leg over waxing his leg during the luxury budget task. He asks him to wear shorts so that he can show off his waxed legs.

Salman then raises the point of Akash Dadlani’s comment on linking Puneesh Sharma with Shilpa Shinde. Salman tells Akash sarcastically that how he has started talking so good. Shilpa then says that these people keep on saying her that she has got the contract with the makers of portraying her ‘devi’ in the house.

Hiten comes back in his changed shorts and dances to ‘Chikni Chameli’ with Priyank Sharma. The two dance their heart out.

Salman Khan asks who the villain of the house is this week. Hiten, names Puneesh Sharma, Vikas names Akash, Shilpa names Hina as well as Arshi Khan.

 Bandgi names Hina, Puneesh names Hina Khan, Luv names Puneesh, Priyank names Puneesh, Hina names Puneesh and even Arshi, Akash name Puneesh.

Salman questions Vikas why did he take Akash Dadlani’s name despite knowing he performed the task very well. Vikas replies that besides doing good in the task, Akash brought evilness which made him take his name.

Puneesh with highest votes become the villain. Salman then reveals that even according to him and viewers, Puneesh is the villain. He tells him that how bad he behaved throughout the week in the house. Puneesh replies saying that how these people tortured him and Bandgi during the task by putting chili powder in their nose and eyes.

Salman replies saying that he had the option to quit the task without abusing anyone. The host then raises the point of Puneesh throwing Akash Dadlani’s egg. Salman Khan asks Shilpa that why she didn’t react to this when Puneesh threw the food. He asks why she didn’t take the stand as she is the one who cooks food for all in the house.

Salman gets back to Puneesh Sharma and tells him to control his anger. Bandgi intervenes saying that how she is stopping Puneesh from doing wrong. Salman asks Hina if Bandgi is saying right. Hina tells ‘No’ and says that Bandgi supports Puneesh Sharma for everything.

Salman Khan reacts saying that Bandgi was clearly supporting Puneesh Sharma at every situation. After much argument, Salman Khan leaves the TV.

As he leaves, Shilpa Shinde shouts how housemates are always wrong about her. She tells Puneesh to chill out and learn from his mistakes.

Salman gets back and asks Hina Khan to come in the witness box. Salman questions Hina about chili powder scene that happened during the task. He asks from where she got the idea of applying chili powder. She said that it was her team’s idea and that she realized later that it was a wrong decision. Salman also praises her for chopping her own hair to scare Bandgi.

Bandgi then starts her story that how chili powder was blown in her eyes by Hina Khan. She tells that Hina purposely threw chili flakes in her eyes. Vikas also supports Bandgi and tells that Hina was wrong.

Hina accepts her mistake and Salman calmly tells Hina that a little use of chili powder is equal to using more as it has many effects. Priyank then tells that Hina or anyone didn’t purposely put chili powder in their eyes. It was just a part of game strategy.

Salman Khan leaves from the Bigg Boss 11 house .ie. TV and promises to return back tomorrow for eviction.

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