Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta’s Brother Reveals That His Mother Is Getting Panic Attacks Because Of The Show!

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Vikas Gupta’s brother says that his brother is being mistreated inside the Bigg Boss 11 house!

Bigg Boss 11 has become very popular amongst the audience. All thanks to the controversies that came up in the very first week of the show. Talking about Vikas Gupta, he has been facing issues inside the house since day one. From his fights with Shilpa Shinde to the other contestants talking about his se*uality, Vikas has become a target.

Now his brother and actor, Siddharth Gupta has said that his brother is being mistreated by the inmates. A report of HT has quoted him saying, “I feel very guilty for the fact that I pushed him to be a part of the show because I have been a fan of the show myself. However, the way things have been unfolding inside the house, it breaks my heart and I can’t see my brother crying like this. My mother was getting panic attacks last night when she saw how the inmates were treating her son. No one has given them the right to discuss his sexual orientation and make fun of it.”

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Talking about Vikas’ issues with Shilpa, he says, “Shilpa has been instigating him since day one. From what the world knows about them is that it was because of Vikas that she had to quit the popular show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai but little do they know that it was a part of the contract and they don’t have any other history. I too was a fan of her acting until all of this happened and I don’t know why she is holding a grudge.”

He also justified his brother’s attempt of escaping the house as he said, “If you are surrounded by so many mad people, the only thing you would want to do is find a way of escaping from all this. The inmates are supposed to play games and not get personal with someone. I really hope that my brother stays strong and fight his battle with intelligence and dignity.”

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