Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta’s Mother Wants Her Son To Marry Shilpa Shinde?


Contestants Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta managed to hit the headlines from day one of Bigg Boss 11 show, courtesy their rivalry.

The two had got into a heated argument with each other in front of host Salman Khan on the premiere episode of the Bigg Boss 11 show. However, with time, things have changed and they have turned friends. At one point, their sudden friendship had left everyone surprised. There were also rumours that Shilpa and Vikas will exchange wedding vows as a part of a task given by Bigg Boss. Those were always rumours!

Recently, families of the contestants had arrived in the padosi house of Bigg Boss 11. Shilpa Shinde’s brother, Priyank Sharma’s mother, Luv Tyagi’s mother, Hina Khan’s boyfriend Rocky, Vikas Gupta’s mother and Bandgi Kalra had entered the house. During their two days stay, they were seen bonding as well as fighting with each other to support their sons and family.

The latest episode saw how Vikas Gupta’s mother expressed to Shilpa’s brother that she would have no problem if Vikas and Shilpa are actually getting married.

Talking about the rumours of the two contestants getting married inside the house as a part of the task, Shilpa’s brother said he read that too. Shilpa’s mother said she had no problem if the two tie the knot. They two have a good laugh over this.

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