Bigg Boss 11: Watch Shilpa Shinde And Akash Dadlani’s Fight Reaches A New Level

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Bigg Boss 11 contestants Shilpa Shinde and Akash Dadlani were very good friends in the initial days of the show.

Lately, we have seen on Bigg Boss 11 that Akash Dadlani’s behavior has changed towards Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. Shilpa, Arshi and Akash were very good friends in the earlier days of the show. But in the past few episodes, we have been seeing Akash saying things against the other two ladies.

This has been happening probably because Akash has not been liking that the Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress has mended things with Vikas Gupta. In the last nomination task, Vikas had destroyed his favourite Lost Boy jacket to save the actress from nomination. That was the time when Shilpa even promised to work again with him once they are out of the Bigg Boss house.

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Akash seemed to not like this much. And on the top of that his co-contestants Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra have been pitching him against the lady.
And now in today’s episode we will see a new level of fight between Shilpa and Akash. In fact, other contestants like Hina Khan, Puneesh and Bandgi (who are the rivals of Shilpa) are going to be seen supporting Akash.

Talking about Bigg Boss 11, the show has been gaining excellent TRPs for the past few weeks. All thanks to contestants like Puneesh and Bandgi, who seem to have no control over themselves. In spite of getting warned by Salman Khan, their PDA continues inside the house. Holding hands, hugs and kisses have become quite common. And the very latest act by them involve making out. Also, we are getting to see the growing closeness between Priyank and Benafsha. And now we see Akash and Shilpa’s fight.

It will be interesting to see what more the couple is going to do in the upcoming episodes!

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