Bigg Boss 11: Is Zubair Khan Faking His Identity As Underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim’s Kin?

zubair khan bigg boss 11

Publicised as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, Zubair Khan is hiding his real identity inside Bigg Boss 11 house?

This season again, Salman Khan’s controversial reality show Bigg Boss 11 has an interesting mix of celebrities and commoners inside the house. Within three days some of the Bigg Boss contestants have grabbed all the eyeballs courtesy their huge tiffs with their inmates. One of the controversial contestants of this season who has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons is Zubair Khan.

Zubair Khan, who calls himself as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, has managed to pick up fights with quite a few housemates. A filmmaker by profession, Zubair has grabbed all the eyeballs due to his connection with underworld Dawood Ibrahim’s family. Before entering the show, he revealed that he is married to Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar’s daughter. During the show, he also revealed that his wife backstabbed him and she is currently staying alone with the kids.

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Publicised as Haseena Parkar’s son-in-law, Zubair has been claiming that he had no clue about his in-law’s credentials before his marriage.

Well, while he is showing his forced rage on the show, we have come across some shocking news about Zubair. As per a report in, Zubair Khan has been faking his identity and is not related to Dawood or Haseena’s family. The same report quotes a source saying, “Zubair Khan is not related to the Parkars. He has just been using their name to gain popularity. They don’t even know him. He has been going around the area of Nagpada, Mumbai declaring himself, ‘Company ka damaad hoon’, (D-Company or Dawood Company is an organized criminal group controlled by Dawood Ibrahim) to gain popularity and create a fear amongst locals so that no one messes with him.”

The same report also suggests that Zubair Khan is not married to any of Haseena Parkar’s daughters. Now, how true these reports are, only time will tell!

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