Bigg Boss 7: Andy Emerges A Hero, Kushal-Gauahar Losers?


MUMBAI: With the way things are going on in ‘Bigg Boss 7’, and the way reactions are pouring on social media; VJ Andy has emerged a hero. Kushal Tandon as the villain, and Gauahar Khan as the master mind.

As told to us by our source, Andy was given a task by ‘Bigg Boss’. The task was all about irritating the inmates of the house, while they were told not to get affected by Andy or anything otherwise. They just had to ignore Andy.

Initially, Andy tried wearing Elli’s pink dress, threw Kamya’s daughter’s photo in the garbage bin, tried all that he could, but kept failing to irritate the contestants. Andy went a step further and started picking up Gauahar’s undergarments. He also started calling Pratyusha Banerjee names, something that really was meant to irritate them but they kept quiet.

Our source further also revealed that “during the game even ‘Bigg Boss’ told Andy a couple of times not to cross his limits”. This portion was not aired. At around 11:45PM, once the task got over, Gauahar went up to Andy and told him what he did was in ‘bad taste’. More so as he calls him his sister always.

As they were having this discussion/argument, Kushal, the brat, jumped in the middle and started abusing Andy. The situation went bad to worse then. The master mind Gauahar jumped in the middle to stop Kushal, but then he was totally uncontrollable and yelled and yelled and yelled.

Kushal even tried to attack Andy, and was almost successful. It all became an ugly spat from here. If this was not enough, Pratyusha went up to Aarman and tried to justify Kushal’s stand. Armaan flared up, making things even more ‘dirty’.

Later, ‘Bigg Boss’ asked Kushal to leave the house. Gauahar took a stand, called it an unfair decision and walked out with him.

From what we gathered from reactions pouring on social media:

What Andy did was all because of the ‘task’ given to him by ‘Bigg Boss’. Also, all the personal comments that Andy made on the housemates were never shown, but the viewers got to know about it when Gauahar, Pratyusha and Kamya were talking about it.

Even Pratyusha is emerging to be a big loser amongst ‘Bigg Boss 7’ fans. She is now taking a stand just for fun! Girl, please get a reality check because you are looking like a fool!

On discussions taking place on social media, Pratyusha is now referred to as a ‘Baigann’. Post these lines are drawn, Tanishaa, Armaan, Elli and Andy are a team; Pratyusha, Kamya are a team; while Apurva and Sangram are in no man’s land!

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