Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Falls In Kamya’s Feet, Begging Forgiveness



MUMBAI: In the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house, we can see that Armaan Kohli has ‘anger management’ issues. Perhaps, that’s the reason week after week he is caught in a big fight with someone one or the other in the house.

During the weekly luxury budget task, ‘Bigg Box’ select housemates including Armaan were asked to sit in a cardboard box and survive the task till the end. And it became the responsibility of the ones present outside to distract and infuriate them to abandon the task mid-way.

The housemates, especially VJ Andy and Kamya distracted Armaan by banging on his box. As expected he lost his temper and accidentally punched Elli on her forehead.

Everyone except Tanishaa blamed Armaan for doing it deliberately.

Unable to take the allegations, Armaan erupted like a volcano and showered Andy and Kamya with abuses and crossed the line by getting personal. He even called Kamya a ‘divorcee’. Apurva tired to pacify everyone, but all in vain.

Later, when Armaan cooled down, he realized his mistake and fell on Kamya’s feet begging her for an apology. Kamya hugged him and told him that ‘let bygones be bygones’ and start fresh.

Gauahar and Sangram Singh were the ones who lasted in the ‘Bigg Box’ the maximum. They were confined in it for almost fourteen hours.

Tonight’s episode will now see a swap.

The contestants that were in the ‘Bigg Box’ would be outside and then ones who were outside would go in. We will see another huge explosion, this time between Tanishaa and Kushal.

Tanishaa who was seen telling Armaan not to lose his cool and calm down will erupt like a volcano and would be seen having a ‘Bigg Fight’ with Kushal.

Now will Tanishaa also do a Armaan number?

Lets wait and watch tonight’s episode of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ on Colors!