Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Misbehaves With Kamya; Will Tanishaa Boycott Him?



MUMBAI: Armaan Kohli surely needs ‘anger management’ therapy in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house.

He will prove this in tonight’s episode while doing the weekly task. Armaan will lose it as always and yell and yell and yell.

During the weekly luxury budget task, selected housemates including Armaan are asked to sit in a cardboard box and survive the task till the end. It was the responsibility of the ones present outside to distract and infuriate them to abandon the task mid-way.

Kamya in particular, distracted Armaan by banging on his box. As expected Armaan lost his cool, came out of the box and in the fit of anger punched Elli and also lashed on everybody, in particular Kamya saying that he did not do it deliberately.

Armaan would also pick up a huge fight with Asif, Kushal and VJ Andy, while we will see Apurva trying to pacify. At the end of tonight’s episode everyone would boycott Armaan.

Will Tanishaa also boycott Armaan? For this and more lets catch tonights episode on Colors.