Bigg Boss 7: Armaan-Tanishaa Seriously In Love?


In ‘Bigg Boss 7’ what started as a casual friendship has possibly now turned into a serious relationship! From how much we have seen and heard so far, Tanishaa Mukerji and Armaan Kohli are truly, deeply and madly in love.

Let’s take a stock of all that has transpired between the two:

Tanishaa as well as Armaan have been extremely protective about each other. They have always stood up for each other and are often seen spending long hours together, be it in the smoking room or getting cozy on the bed or then Tanishaa trying to massage Armaan’s hand and back!

Tanishaa is always worried about Armaan’s well being, his diet and his needs. On the other hand Armaan is very possessive about Tanishaa and does not like it if she talks to or gets friendly to any male member of the house except VJ Andy. If you remember, Armaan was very upset with Tanishaa getting friendly with Ajaz Khan. For Tanishaa it was a general banter, but Armaan found it much more.

Armaan has become a bit conscious post Salman Khan‘s warning but love is a feeling one cannot hide.

Everyone might have reported yesterday’s fight between the two as a head on collision but if you saw the episode carefully then it looks like ‘a lovers tiff’.

“You have a habit of being rude to people who are close to you and you are being really rude to me. It’s very upsetting,” said Tanishaa to Armaan.

Post this Armaan immediately realized his mistake, apologized for being nasty and harsh to her, sat her down and spoke to her with a lot of warmth. Also, if you take a close look at their journey, the only person who can tame Armaan is Tanishaa.

All said and done, if they’re seriously in love – we are happy for the couple. If I get a chance to pass on a message to both – Armaan and Tanisha, I would seriously like to tell them only one thing: “Stop playing dirty games with others in the house, as long as you are in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ maintain that dignity.”

Is it asking for too much? Do let us know your views on this!

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