Bigg Boss 7: ‘Babaji Ka Thullu’ For Kushal-Gauahar On Day 73!



In Bigg Boss 7, as the days are passing by, the housemates are constantly proving the fact that barring a few, none of them have any self respect left.

New tasks have brought out the evil, insecure and devious sides of the housemates. But, how low can anybody stoop? Is there any limit? For Bigg Boss 7, there’s no limit. Drama of tireless egos, never ending game of no love lost, manipulations, and above all, sheer stupidity – and all of that just for nine to ten loafs of bread, or two hundred grams of oat meal?

The original Miss Manipulator aka Motormouth, Miss Gauahar Khan is back in action. When Kushal Tandon was out of the house, she was quiet, and her only major entertainment was Ajaz Khan. Then came in Kushal, and Ajaz was shown the door by his beloved Khan Saab. His shayaris and bad jokes no more interest Gauahar. But, Ajaz planned out sweet revenge! And how!

On Day 72, the Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa task was handed over to the housemates. And soon all that became of Bigg Boss 7 was worst than a fish market or a ladies coach in Mumbai locals during peak hours. On top of everybody’s voices were those of Armaan Kohli (by default), and Miss Motormouth, Gauahar Khan.

Kushal was asked to drink poor Heaven‘s water from his bowl full of fresh saliva and hair. Where are we headed? It’s way below the belt. But Kushal drank it. And what followed is something which is not meant for watching during dinner time. My point is only one: Kushal is the one who has left many tasks in the middle over small things, and now all of a sudden he wanted to do this extreme thing! Why? He could have easily said no. And, I also have one question for the producers: Why allow such things to happen? Isn’t this also animal cruelty? If humans are afraid of getting infection from a dog, what about the dog? Will he get his bowl cleaned properly before he uses it again?

In simple words, Day 72 was the grossest one so far. Viewers don’t spend their sixty minutes of family time to watch such things.

Day 73 arrived with revenge. Planning and plotting was already done in the night. Again Gauahar and Armaan were leading the fish market. But, their opposition, comprising of Sangram, Andy, Sofia, Tanisha and Ajaz, handled the task with sheer dignity and grace. Their strategy was simple – just stay calm. They said no to ridiculous requests, and remained composed throughout.

Tip: If you still have not watched this episode, and are planning to watch it later, I’ll suggest you can mute most of it, as there’s only Gauahar shouting, shouting, shouting and shouting.

Depressed, upset and angry Gauahar with her constant shouting even made Kushal, Kamya and Armaan quit the task in middle, which led to the victory of opposite team. Moral of the story: Don’t do any tasks for the sake of revenge. Forget, forgive and move on!

After all, bread and oats are not worth a tonsured head and zero self respect, right? Hats off to Andy and Tanisha primarily for their brilliance! If Kapil Sharma was Bigg Boss, he might have very well said this to Kushal and Gauahar, “Yeh sab karke aapko kya mila? Babaji ka thullu?” (What did you get out of this?)

Also, one more thing happened: Armaan in his blaze of anger almost manhandled Tanisha Mukerji while she was seated in the kitchen. For a moment it looked like Tanisha is going to give it back. But, again, by the end of Day 73, she was back holding hands with Armaan trying to console him. And Armaan apologized again for his rude behavior. Tanisha, are you listening? Or have you gone back to the floor mattress with your teddy, pink pillow and a bruised backside, already?

On the other side, Kushal and Gauahar are back with their routine under-the-blanket talks!

But, out of all, the ones who are actually enjoying their time inside Bigg Boss 7, and equally touching hearts of viewers are VJ Andy and Heaven! Andy’s presence in the house fills it up for Elli.

Who do you like the most in Bigg Boss 7? Andy, Sofia, Armaan, Tanisha, Ajaz, Sangram, Kamya, Gauahar, Kushal or Heaven? Let us know in comments below!

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