Bigg Boss 7: The Curious Case Of ‘Male Chauvinist Pig’ Armaan Kohli



The most notorious bully contestant of Bigg Boss 7 is without any doubts: Armaan Kohli. He gets emotional at the drop of his hat, falls at his victim’s feet, apologizes numerous time on national television, treats women like doormats, smokes like a chimney and it does not end there. He yells, and yells, and yells. He’s abusive beyond imagination.

Armaan Kohli is the perfect example of a forty year old – who did see success, but it was short lived. He has only seen failures so far. Of what we have seen so far on Bigg Boss 7, this man is insecure, insensitive, and is desperately looking for recognition. And for that, he is willing to go to any levels.

Armaan’s goal is clear: TO WIN THE SHOW AT ANY COST. He is not bothered about what other housemates think of him, and also doesn’t care what audiences feel for him. His tremendous attempt from the start has been to stay on the show for as long as he can, create as much drama as possible.

From various fights, to numerous verbal spats – be it with Sofia Hayat, or then treating Tanisha Mukerji like a doormat in all these 70 odd days – he is at it. And Tanisha keeps on taking it, and taking it, and taking it. Armaan has always treated her like his muse, he has always looked down upon people – and if you thought Ajaz is the one who’s commenting on other people’s profession – then rewind your memory – it is Armaan who started it all.

But, audience is loving this all. Read this very, VERY, carefully:

In our daily lives, we too see devious people thriving – we see success stories written of those who are unfair, and we often look up to God, and ask Him, “Why not me? What have I done to not deserve that success?” We often conclude that “unfair survives”, and become successful, and we often end up thinking life is RIGGED!

And who is Armaan Kohli? He represents that larger part of our society, who always survives and end up doing very well. Hypothetically, Bigg Boss is the GOD of the house, then if real God too keeps throwing people like Armaan in real life, then what’s the big deal if that man is still in Bigg Boss 7?

I rest my case here. Over to you guys!

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