Bigg Boss 7: Where A Dog Is Being Human; Humans Are Being Dogs!


MUMBAI: Sad but true, but this is exactly what is happening in this year’s ‘Bigg Boss 7’. 

On one hand ‘Heaven’ has brought in positivity in the house, most of the inmates have made this house only a Jahannam Ka Aaw’ and most certainly there is no pace left for ‘Jannat Ka Wow’ anymore.

Last year Salman Khan made sure that the show got a lot of credibility with housemates like Navjot Singh Siddhu, Urvashi DholakiaSampat Pal DeviDinesh Lal Yadav, Delnaaz Irani, and others. But this year the less said the better about the contestants, as well as the show.

Till date all we have seen – abuses, fights, people getting personal as well as intimate, knowing very well that there are cameras. Also any wild card entrant faces a cut and dry kind of a behaviour and are never welcomed with open arms.

He/she is either insulted or totally neglected. Now, we are not just talking through our hat but its what we see and have heard. Vivek Mishra, the nude yoga guru was not even allowed to settle down and was thrown out. Ajaz Khan, who has just entered the show, is being tossed around like one loser. Is it because they do not have a lineage or are they paying a price for entering the show late?

Lets talk of the contestants and their deeds one by one –

Tanishaa Mukerji – who is often seen getting intimate with Armaan or puffing a cigarette or passing rude and nasty comments on other housemates.

Armaan Kohli – who we guess wakes up and sleeps by mouthing abuses after abuses. He has this lovely habit of picking up fights with people, getting into their personal zone and then going down on his knees and apologizing. But my dear, an apology cannot bring a dead man alive.

Gauahar Khan – well what do we say about this one! She can put a chameleon to shame with the way she changes her colors. Gauahar is trying very hard to project an image of someone who is very fair, well balanced and always correct. But the fact remains that she is out there playing a very nasty game. Gauahar is well versed with cameras following her as she has done a reality show on ‘Bindaas’ titled ‘The Khan Sisters’ with her sister Nigaar Khan. Also she is the only one who addresses ‘Salman Khan’ as ‘Salman’ while the others either call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Bhai’ or ‘Salman Ji’. No, this isn’t an issue, but then you need to give respect to get one, dear Gauahar!

Kushal Tandon – now what do we say about this ‘brat’. Baba Janardan just missed a prefix, he would have just said – Kushal is a ‘SPOILT’ brat. He broke rules of the house, used to throw his mike like a drop of his hat, all while using abusive language and fights. All we can say is – lets not get there.

Pratyusha Banerjee – she is like a lost lamb that has a very foul mouth. But, she does not know when and where to draw the line. If she will yell, then she goes on and on and on! On the other hand if she decides to keep shut then in situations where she has to open her mouth and take a stand she chickens out. What kind of a personality is this? We are still trying to figure it out and are very sure even Pratyusha does know know who she is!

VJ Andy – he is enduring and sweet. But then does not know where to draw the line. Either he gets too personal or totally ignores the housemates. Till Shilpa was in the house, she kept a check on Andy, but post that things keep going out of hand every now and then. Thanks to Andy and his monologues.

All said and done looks like politics and blame games continue to engulf the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ housemates. People like Shilpa and Apurva Agnihotri, Ratan RajputAsif Azim were not just made for this show and we guess that’s why they are out of the house!

Sangram Singh, who was one such housemate. But now he is suddenly being pushed to a wall and constantly being told that he is ‘double faced’. Now, where is this coming from?

Having said this we find Kamya Punjabi and Elli Avram, the only two candidates who are on their own and are living in the house with a lot of dignity and style. Will they too join the flock? Hope not!

What do you think? Let us know in comments below!

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