Bigg Boss 7: Elli Avram Evicted, Gets ‘Angelic’ Farewell



[tps_footer]In Bigg Boss 7, the latest eviction is Elli Avram. The lovely and vivacious Elli bid adieu amidst lots of emotional drama in the house.

Elli’s journey in Bigg Boss 7 has been a sweet experience, not just for her, but also for the viewers. Elli even charmed Salman Khan, with her cuteness, her songs, and all the fluent Hindi she speaks. Elli literally won hearts all the way, with the manner she conducted herself.

Elli Avram, the “angel” as we would want to call her, never got involved into any ugly spats with other housemates. She was neither involved in any controversies. She remained a “happy-go-lucky” girl, always enjoyed each moment, without worrying too much.

On a happy note: it’s rather pleasant news that Elli Avram has been evicted, because the way things are going on in Bigg Boss 7, it always becomes difficult for a person like her to stay. The image that Elli leaves us with is that of a ‘non political’ person. And now, with about a month remaining for the Grand Finale, even close friends are expected to turn foes. That’s something that Elli could not have handled well.

From the past week, and even before that, Elli Avram was appearing to be lost. It was difficult for her to trust her friends, as she was unable to know – who actually is real, and who’s putting up a mask. Even when she was elected as captain of the house, she was in ‘neither groups’. She was friends with Tanisha, Andy, Armaan, which was group one, and even shared warm friendship with Gauahar, Sangram, Kamya, Sofiya and Ajaz, which was group two.

All said and done, she would always be remembered as “Elli – The Angel” in Bigg Boss 7, as per the theme of this season. She deserves a standing ovation from us, for the way she conducted herself in this season.

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