‘Bigg Boss 7’ Gets An Astrologer; Kushal New Captain



MUMBAI: This entire week has been very unpredictable and full of sparks as far as the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house is concerned. One can see lot unrest and feel of negativity in the house.

In order to bring all the contestants together and spread positivity in the house a ‘havan’ and ‘pooja’ would be performed throughout the night. In the morning, Janardhan Baba, a popular face reader will enter the house to predict the future of all the housemates.

Sangram Singh would be the first one to get his face read. Janaradhan Baba would tell him that he would excel in sports and also have a future as an entrepreneur.

Next up would be Elli Avram, whose movie ‘Mickey Virus’ has released to a lukewarm response today. He tells Elli that she has all the potential of becoming a famous actress and would eventually marry a businessman.

Janardhan Baba would tell Kamya that she has a bright future post her divorce and now there would be no looking back for her.

When it comes to Kushal Tandon, he is very clear that Kushal is a spoilt brat and needs to slow down if he wants success.

Also in tonight’s episode, ‘Bigg Boss’ would call Apurva and ask him to nominate three people for the post of the new captain of the house.

Apurva would nominate Armaan, Kushal and Elli for it and eventually it would be Kushal who would be elected the new captain of the house. Now it’s to be seen how this ‘spoilt brat’ would conduct the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house.

Also, tomorrow is the day of eviction. Contestants who are nominated for the same are – Kushal, Tanishaa, Elli and Asif. We feel that its going to be Elli this time around, but, then we know ‘Bigg Boss’ is all about surprises!

So let’s wait and watch the drama unfold!