Bigg Boss 7 Love Birds Will Gauahar Khan Marry Kushal Tandon?


Kushal Gauhar 06

[tps_footer]Gauahar Khan really knows how to be in the news all the time and even post her win she is doing all that it takes to be in the headlines even it that means flaunting her new boyfriend Kushal Tandon and posting pictures on via twitter.

When asked about her relationship with Kushal, Gauahar said, “My relationship with Kushal is what it is. I am not going to camouflage it or lie about it outside the Bigg Boss House. We came on the show, we became friends and we fell in love, and I don’t have to lie about it at all.”

One thing that she did not like during her stay was when the other contestants became judgmental about her and also her relationship with Kushal. Most of the house mates still believe that their relationship was for the cameras.

However post her win, Gauahar is right now over the moon and attributes a lot of it to Kushal, who according to her gave her the strength to survive for long in the Bigg Boss house.

However, Gauahar’s elder sister Nigaar Z Khan believes it’s too early to predict whether she will marry Kushal Tandon or no. She very confidently stated, “Let’s not hatch eggs before they are laid. It’s something very sweet and we saw two people respect and support each other. Let’s not think about what will happen in the future. Let’s be happy about today. Even you (media) can’t guarantee what will happen in the future, then how can Gauahar. If they both stay with each other, then let’s see.”

At a press meet here, their mother, Razia said, “Gauahar is a very intelligent girl. If she wants, then we will definitely take things forward.”

While on one side sister Nigaar Khan is not sure what the future holds for Gauahar and Kushal, and Gauahar does not want to even look at the future. She is just happy talking about the past and the present. Well now what’s called being media savvy and smart. But then that’s Gauahar Khan for you.

Having said all of this, I am wondering where is Kushal and what is his take in all of this.[/tps_footer]