Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan As Host, ‘Fair’ Or ‘Unfair’?



MUMBAI: After viewing both the consecutive ‘Weekend Ka Wow With Salman Khan’ on ‘Bigg Boss 7’, we are forced to question the very basis of the decisions that are being taken this year by the team at ‘Bigg Boss 7’.

The decisions that are being taken vary from person to person and from one day to another.

First, lets take a look at what happened on October 26, 2013:

Well, the focus of this ‘Weekend Ka Wow with Salman Khan’ was Tanishaa Mukerji. Salman took up for a cause stating that ‘he would stand up for any woman’ and vehemently said that “what happened was in bad taste and whatever Tanishaa did was in retaliation to Kushal’s actions”.

Somewhere, Salman made it very clear that what happened was not Tanishaa’s fault as she was pushed to a wall by most of the inmates of the house.

Gauahar Khan was vocal and protested saying that “whatever Kushal did was not wrong”. Now, why was Gauahar talking up for Kushal? Is Kushal not man enough to fight his own battle? Let’s not even get there, because the way things are going on between Kushal and Gauahar, they are the ones who can tell us what’s exactly happening between them. Is it for real or they are doing it only for ‘Bigg Boss 7’; is something only they can answer!

One could feel the cold vibes between most of the housemates and Tanishaa, something that may or may not be justified.

Post this there was another huge showdown that happened between VJ Andy and Gauahar, but then to make matters worse Kushal jumped into the middle from nowhere, threatened to “kill Andy” and finally was asked to leave the show.

Our ‘Drama Queen’ or should we say ‘Miss Manipulator’, well Gauahar Khan too walked out with Kushal! But within the span of twelve hours she was back minus Kushal. Now, why did she come back when she has decided to quit the show? Does she think by doing so, she is setting an example? Or is Gauahar so insure that she wants to take away the title of ‘Thaali Ka Baigan’? Well, Gauahar needs a reality check!

Andy was put in the ‘Caravan’ for a couple of days and was brought back along with new entry Sofia Hayat. Once again Gauahar tried to act this very righteous and fair, but then one can very well see that she is faking it all along.

Now, lets take a look at what happened on November 02, 2013:

Everyone was waiting with bated breath for this episode as Salman Khan had to take a stand on all that transpired in the previous week.

What amazed us was that both Salman as well as the housemates were very careful with the words that they were using throughout their interaction. Salman kept repeating that he is nowhere concerned with what happens in the house and he is just trying to play the mediator.

Salman also made it very clear that he knows Gauahar more closely and has hardly met Tanishaa or Armaan Kohli; so if ever he has to take sides, then it was but natural that he would take up for Gauahar and not for Tanishaa. Was this statement justified?

Once again Gauahar was the one who was vocal and said that Salman did a fabulous job but ‘Bigg Boss 7’ is being unfair. She has no issues with Salman and the stand he took, she even has no issues with Tanishaa, but she is upset with ‘Bigg Boss’. Wow, better to blame it on a voice rather than blaming either the housemates or Salman! What a smooth operator she is!

Also post her coming back, Gauahar is trying to make everyone feel that she knows it all and has interacted with a lot of people outside which she completely denied. Why this play act?

The episode ended on Apurva Agnihotri getting evicted leaving behind all the others to fight it out.

Was Salman right in talking up for Tanishaa last week? Did Gauahar do the right thing in coming back?

Do let us know what’s your take in comments below! For now, all we can say is – “The dangerous game is about to begin!”