Bigg Boss 7: Salman Khan Loses Cool, Stands Up For Tanishaa



MUMBAI: Saturday, October 26, 2013’s ‘Bigg Boss 7‘ episode saw a lot of fireworks; thanks to Salman Khan, who lost his cool over Kushal and Gauahar in particular and rightfully so.

Salman even went on to the extend of telling them, that this may be his ‘last season’ on the show as he is ashamed and disgusted by the behavior of the housemates.

Salman very clearly stood up for Tanishaa. He reprimanded Kushal for being so callous and below the belt towards a lady.

When Gauahar saw this happening, she jumped in the middle and took up for Kushal. Now, this pushed Salman’s anger to no bounds and he yelled at her. He told her very clearly, “Gauahar, speak only when spoken to.”

Salman’s anger was justified as he took up for women in general. He said, “Tamaashaa mat banao… (Do not make a mockery of yourself), also why women in the house are seeing to it that they bring each other down?”

He was very clear that fights are bound to happen, but then there is no reason why they have to be stretched like a rubber band. He very clearly told Kushal to “grow up” and start respecting women.

Salman even told them, that he too has made mistakes in the past, done things that have tarnished his image, but then he has learnt from his mistakes and now he is very careful of what he speaks, who he speaks about. He requested, that the same must be learnt by all ‘Bigg Boss 7’ contestants.

He praised Armaan for falling at Kamya’s feet and asking for an apology irrespective of the fact; if Kamya really forgives him or not, because at the end of it Kamya is a woman and one must give them the due respect.

Salman’s mood was finally lightened by the singing sensations Sangram and Asif, who were hilariously trained by VJ Andy.

Spreads on to Twitter…


As the drama unfolded on TV sets, Twitter too saw a set of activities. Many felt Salman Khan was biased towards Tanishaa Mukerji, for her being his close friends – Ajay Devgn and Kajol‘s – sister-in-law and sister respectively.

In no time, #UnfairSalman started trending on Twitter in India. But, within minutes another trend topped up the charts – #SalmanIsAlwaysFair. This trend comprised of Tweets in favor of the bold and “bindaas” Salman Khan, who is known for speaking out his heart, without worrying about anything else.

Salman Khan received a lot of praise from the majority on Twitter for standing up for “women”, regardless of her being close to him or not.

On Sunday, October 27, 2013, Salman Khan took on to Twitter to explain his side of the story.

Here is what he tweeted…

Well, all we can say is that , we salute you Salman Khan for taking a stand for women; and hope that the housemates do understand that there is a life beyond this ‘Bigg Boss 7’ house.