Bigg Boss 7: Sangram Changes The Game, Sends Tanisha To The Finale



Bigg Boss 7 house is seeing things turning upside down, rivals becoming friends, friends becoming rivals, and much more. Changing equations, changing relationships is a constant in the controversial house.

This week’s nominations are the most important ones, as they decide the fate of the housemates. And directly pushes the Bigg Boss 7 housemates extremely closer to victory. If our source can be believed, then Sangram Singh has just pushed Tanisha Mukerji to the finale.

Here is how it all unfolded:

The nominations for eviction this week are: Ajaz Khan (lost identity), Kushal Tandon (lover “puppet”), Tanisha Mukerji (the smart one) and last but not the least, Gauahar Khan (the original Miss Manipulative). Kushal voted Tanisha and Ajaz, Gauahar voted Armaan and Tanisha, Ajaz voted Andy and Kushal, Armaan voted Gauahar and Kushal, Tanisha voted Gauahar and Kushal, Andy voted Ajaz and Kushal out.

However, Sangram was given a special power as the captain of the house. He had to save one housemate. Whom do you think Sangram saved? Now, that’s where is the game-changer move! Sangram saved Tanisha.

This comes as a major blow to Gauahar Khan, who was very sure of sailing through the finals, and would escape nominations, but Bigg Boss 7 is all about expecting the unexpected, or even better: don’t expect! Gauahar Khan, who has been part of such a reality show earlier exactly knew how to manipulate each and every move, and using all her resources outside she played a double game – one inside the house, and other outside the house. She gave to Bigg Boss 7 all the necessary drama, be it her love-story, or the act of quitting the show in the middle and then returning, accepting a romantic proposal – she was clear from the word go what she had to do to gain maximum eyeballs, and footage.

Next weekend, December 22, 2013 will see one of them bid a final goodbye to the Bigg Boss 7 house, thus ending his/her game of winning the finale. Also, as customary there would be another eviction either this week itself, or next week when a housemate is given a choice to walk out of the house voluntarily. The housemate would be offered money to do so. This season the booty is five lac Rs only, according to our source.

Generally, a contestant who is not sure of winning, even if he/she reaches the Finale bites into this bait! Bhakhtiyar had accepted the offer given by Bigg Boss in Season 3. The sum was ten lac Rs then. He opted out of the show on Day 79. In Season 6 a similar offer was made to the contestant, and the monies offered were twenty lac Rs, but no one took up the offer.

Who will take this offer this season? Let’s wait and watch!

A tip for Ajaz Khan: If given a chance Ajaz should take up the offer this season, as his chances of winning Bigg Boss 7 are bleak.

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