Bigg Boss 7: Sangram VS Armaan – Who’s The Real ‘Snake’?


MUMBAI: ‘Bigg Boss 7’ on Day 51 saw sparks flying again, between Sangram Singh and Armaan Kohli. Also, Armaan’s solid friendship with Tanishaa Mukerji seems to be falling apart.

What was surprising for the ‘Bigg Boss 7’ viewers was – Tanishaa Mukerji taking up to Armaan Kohli on his being rude and derogatory behaviour. To which, Armaan claimed to be now fearlessly “playing games in the house”. Armaan made it clear to Tanishaa that now he’s only and only going to be concerned about himself, and nobody else.

Soon, ‘Bigg Boss’ announced this week’s task. Grrr! With task do you remember the ugly past? It’s a deadly word now! However, the new task allows the housemates to openly indulge into politics. Two political parties were formed under the leaderships of Sangram Singh and Kamya Punjabi.

Kamya’s party garnered support from Gauahar Khan and Pratyusha Banerjee. No prizes for the guess! While, Sangram gained more supporters initially. Later on Ajaz Khan got Sofia Hayat into Kamya’s party. But this came at the cause of Sangram being labelled as “two faced liar”!

And finally, Sangram Singh debuted in the list of the “yellers”. For the first time the audience saw the wrestler’s angry side. And voila! He stood up there, answering Armaan – and literally gave it all back! Armaan called Sangram a dirty man, and compared him with a ‘snake’! Yes, a ‘snake’! He also said, “Sangram is the most dangerous player.”

Armaan didn’t stop here. Tanishaa too faced the wrath of Armaan! Armaan even went to the extent of telling Tanishaa that she is just “nobody” for him anymore. If this was not enough, Pratyusha added fuel to the fire! She initiated another verbal bash between Ajaz and the already fuming Armaan. This lead to another fight.

Sangram broken down in the washroom, while Kamya consoled him later. Our respected official “Miss Manipulator”, Gauahar Khan didn’t get much footage. Officially, we can say, at-least after yesterday’s episode that it is ‘Bigg Boss 7’ and not “Gauahar Khan Show”!

Viewers breathed easy when everyone’s favorite Elli Avram became the new leader. But it was very tough on Elli, who later told the audience that it’s very depressing and stressful, but she’s glad she got this experience.

Whom do you support in this new “political” game? Is Sangram Singh really a “two faced” person? As audience, what is your take?

Let us know in comments below!

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