Bigg Boss 7: Sofia Hayat VS Gauahar Khan, Who Won?


Day 55 of ‘Bigg Boss 7′ was full of ’emotional value’! There was high ‘heart-touching’ drama, there was a ‘big expose’ – and a ‘lie detector’ test.

It all sounds like a proper Bollywood espionage movie, minus the songs! And in the center of it all is again Sofia Hayat. A name barely known to us, at least in India, so far. But suddenly she has become the ‘talk of the town’ on ‘Bigg Boss 7’ forums, tweets and discussion boards.

How did it all happen?

It was routine day in the house. Like all days, it began with a verbal fight. ‘Bhai’ Ajaz Khan decided to drop off his shirt in front of Tanishaa. And I don’t understand why Tanishaa reacted! Has anybody watched Madam Tanishaa Mukerji’s masterpiece – Neal ‘n’ Nikki? Aaargh! No personal remarks! But, wait, talking about a ‘Bigg Boss 7’ contestant’s work outside and appreciating it can’t be counted as personal remark, right? No, am just saying! Wasn’t the movie a masterpiece? My point: what’s the big deal if a man took off his shirt, before entering the shower, right outside the bathroom! He wasn’t roaming everywhere like that after all!

Poor Elli Avram, who’s now the captain, had to intervene. If Tanishaa’s reaction was too much, also the way our ‘Bhai’ Ajaz answered back was not good. Ajaz, I feel, is a fine guy, but really needs to work on how he speaks! Seriously! But no worries, ‘Khan Saab’ is there to put a leash on him! Remember, a contestant named ‘Kushal Tandon’? And remember how he was totally commanded by ‘Khan Saab’‘Khan Saab’ here, unfortunately, is not Salman Khan ji. It’s our beloved Gauahar Khan. We love her so much! No?

Gauahar Khan is always right! If she says Sangram Singh is a ‘two faced’ liar, it’s true! If she says the entire ‘Bigg Boss 7’ format itself is wrong, it’s true! Even Salman Khan is wrong according to her! If she had her way, she would even prove that the 100 crore plus Rupees spent on ‘Bigg Boss 7’ were unfair!

Alas, now it looks like her glory is fading. On Day 54 too she didn’t get much footage, and was visibly looking upset all the time. Because her team lost the task. Now it looks like most of the housemates choose to avoid her, because by now everyone knows – if the ‘Motormouth’ starts – it only has a start button! But Sofia Hayat took the risk! After the great ‘walking away’ episode, Sofia continues the trend.

‘Bigg Boss’ called Sangram Singh in the confession room, and asked him some questions. He was told a lie detector will catch his lie. While, he was totally unaware that the housemates were watching it, and it was their vote which decided if he’s lying or telling the truth. And he said it all. The only two people who felt offended by his answers were Gauahar, and Kamya Punjabi‘s sidekick – our very own ‘Chhota Baigan’ – dearest Ms Pratyusha Banerjee.

The moment Sangram came out of the confession room, Gauahar was all over him. And Sofia jumped into it, possibly to shut the ‘Motormouth’ again. Somehow, Sofia exactly caught the sentiments of the audience, and questioned Gauahar on her position to question others!

Gauahar had repeatedly blamed Asif Azim for flirting with her. Sofia brought this point out, and called Gauahar a liar! But ‘Khan Saab’ had everything “on the record” – the most common line in all her arguments! I will not say anything on this. We all watched Asif’s time in ‘Bigg Boss 7’ – we all saw his exit moments, and final episode with Salman Khan – we know what is the truth. Hmmm. Am sure, if ‘Heaven’ could’ve spoken in human language, he too would’ve stood for Asif on this one. Let me know what you think in comments below!

Later ‘Bigg Boss’ showed selected housemates video messages from their families. This was the most heart touching part. For the first time I felt ‘Bigg Boss 7’ is an awesome show. Real emotions, real people, real love. Kamya Punjabi always wins away hearts during such moments. After all, a mother changes everything for all of us. Armaan Kohli cried too on hearing his mother’s voice. VJ Andy‘s family was shown for the first time. My mom, who was watching today’s episode with me, was in tears. Day 55 was seriously something else!

May such love prevail all the time! What do you think?

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