Bigg Boss 7: When Sofia Silenced Gauahar’s Motormouth!


Day 52 of ‘Bigg Boss 7’ was full of ‘Rajneeti’, the task assigned to the housemates. The task entirely turned the tables for several housemates.

Fights happened too. Ajaz Khan vs Armaan Kohli, Pratyusha Banerjee vs Sangram Singh were the highlights. The day began with VJ Andy and Elli Avram‘s speech in the garden area. Kamya Punjabi, the leader of opposition in the task, was clearly annoyed at this. And then began the morning “kitchen” meeting. Victim here was Elli.

‘Miss Manipulator’Gauahar Khan, ‘Iron Lady’Kamya Punjabi (I’ve sheer respect for this woman, and she is just what she is!), and our ‘Chhota Baigan’Pratyusha Banerjee were all seen making fun of Elli for an omelette, or over something to do with an omelette. Grrr! Seriously? Dear Salman Khan ji, are you listening?

Okay, coming back to the point. It was all fine until the leader debate round began. While the voiceover artist narrated it for the audience, we could see Gauahar speaking, and speaking, and speaking. It continued even after the voiceover stopped. Everyone listened, minus a little argument by Tanishaa Mukerji, which Gauahar rudely silenced down. Like she always does. Even when Salman Khan is talking, even when ‘Bigg Boss’ is talking. Fair enough. If she has an opinion, she can express it, she knows how to play with words – but is it necessary to always silence others?

A healthy debate or argument happens when both sides are allowed to speak. But since the start, ‘Bigg Boss 7’ seemed like ‘The Gauahar Khan Show’. There are only two people in the house who are difficult to converse with in an argument or debate – Mr. “Angry Bird” Armaan Kohli, and Miss “Motormouth” Gauahar Khan. Period.

I honestly used to like her, but slowly everything looked unfair. And the day when she spoke in the same manner with Salman Khan, I completely lost it. We all often talk about Salman Khan as our friend. Say, “Salman ne achha kaam kiya iss picture main”, or “Salman bhi aaya tha”, and so on. We never talk to him like that when he is right in front of us. Come on guys, he’s been there in the industry since two decades. You cannot talk to him like that.

In the debate too, the moment Andy started his speech, Gauahar jumped in the middle and didn’t let him finish. Her whole fight was to prove who’s the creative genius behind the name of her opposition party. She cornered Sangram for stealing her idea, which she happily suggested to Sangram in first place! Picture this: you suggest a baby name for your friend’s newborn baby. And when that friend accepts your suggestion, and names the baby accordingly; you accuse him/her for stealing the baby!

Finally, back in the bedroom – the miracle happened. Gauahar tried to discuss something with Sofia. And a discussion for Gauahar means, “You listen, I talk.” (Remember, when Elli was explaining to Gauahar how she overheard Kushal abusing Tanishaa in the bathroom area? And how Gauahar pretended as if she didn’t listen to Elli, and kept on proving her point!)

Well, Sofia Hayat did the unpredictable! She just walked off. Yes, she just walked off, when our dear ‘Miss Manipulator’ was still talking! If it was our routine daily soap, they might have shown this scene several times, in slow motion with Indian TV’s trademark “Dhan… Dhan… Dhan” sound! Why didn’t Ekta Kapoor make ‘Bigg Boss 7’? This was the moment when her expert creative guidance was needed! Alas!

Other thing which I’ve noticed is that off-late, our precious ‘Chhota Baigan’, Pratyusha has been taking too many stands! This has happened after she was criticized for not taking a stand! Now, she takes stands even where there are no stands – like she did today with Sangram. She picks up a fight within minutes with anybody. Where was she in the beginning weeks? At-least the others, be it Andy, Gauahar, Armaan, Kamya, Tanishaa, or Sangram, have all been consistent from Day 1.

Also, one more thing I’ve noticed – whenever somebody is nominated, they have a fight; mostly with Armaan. Hmmm, surely something “black is there in the lentil soup”! I maybe wrong, and this might just be a coincidence, but most of the time? Can be possible, no?

Did any of you notice Sofia’s “awesome-silencing-Gauahar” act in Wednesday, November 6, 2013’s ‘Bigg Boss 7’ episode? What’s your reaction?

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