Bigg Boss 7: Stop Blaming Salman Khan For Everything!



It’s all happening on Bigg Boss 7 – between Salman Khan and Gauahar Khan“Salman Khan, TIME OUT” – these were the four words that immortalized Imam Siddique in Bigg Boss 6. In Bigg Boss 7, Gauahar Khan is now going the same way.

So, is Gauahar Khan the next Imam Siddique? Read this and decide for yourself.

Imam in Bigg Boss 6 did try and create nuances for Salman Khan. But, he fell flat on his face and later had to resort to his own personal antics to attract votes. Gauahar Khan, we guess is following Imam’s footsteps, as she is always trying to create some trouble or the other. Brains behind Big Boss 7  are having fun at her expense. Probably, that’s the reason they try to put her always in the center – so trouble can be created. That’s the TRP strategy it seems. First give her abundant footage, such that it starts looking like ‘The Gauahar Khan Show’, and then laugh!

She actually is honestly the only one housemate who believes that Kushal Tandon must return to the show.

On Saturday (November 9, 2013) Salman Khan reprimanded everyone – from Tanishaa Mukerji, who has suddenly become very coy to Armaan Kohli – who needs to control his anger, to Gauahar – who should stop trying to project an image that she is still ‘fair and just’ girl.

All other housemates took Salman Khan’s comments in the correct sprit. But, when it came to our lovely ‘Chameleon’ oops ‘Drama Queen’ oops Gauahar Khan, she took it personally. Later, even Salman told her that she needs to move on, showered compliments on her looks. But Gauahar just avoided him. Yes, Madam Gauahar brutally avoided Salman Khan! (Girls, are you reading this?)

And on Sunday (November 10, 2013), Salman Khan completely avoided Gauahar. Obviously, is there any other way to stop someone who’s always on a ‘ego trip’?

On the other hand, Kushal Tandon has been giving nonstop interviews – suggesting that Salman Khan ‘apologized’ to him. Kushal is trying to get as much publicity as possible from this. After Salman Khan exposed him on national TV, Kushal has again gone on an interview spree. Now, like everyone else, he conveniently blames the media for misinterpreting him! That’s amazing, no? Whatever happens, blame the media! Kushal went on record saying, “Media has messed with my quote”. Thank you Kushal.

Now, we know why Gauahar wants Kushal back – a ‘Chameleon’ needs company of another ‘Chameleon’! Right?

Late night on November 10, 2013 Salman Khan opened up his heart, and put it down on twitter. Following is what he tweeted: “The reason I tweeted is because you guys are watching it, enjoying it. Most important that you are closely following it. (I) Saw some comments, which I thought I should reply, because you watch the show and vote too.”

“So, the guys who are fighting for the host, and against — don’t need to. Because the host himself doesn’t quite like what he does. Right or wrong! So chill! (I) keep on telling them (housemates), what feedback I get. Sometimes it’s upsetting, and depresses them, but who listens? Next minute they do what they want to man!” added Salman.

Salman further tweeted, “Film industry watches Bigg Boss 7, the contestants obviously want to be a part of it. Who would want to work with someone badly behaved, unprofessional, etc? It’s a good show to learn how to be physically and mentally strong. The tasks go on for 48 hours and more, with no proper sleep or food. Halwa hai kya? Dekha nahi hamara haathi (Rajat) ka kya haal hua show mein? (It’s not easy. Didn’t you see what happened to Rajat?). It’s very difficult show to host, and to play.”

Salman later seemed to have been angry. He lashed out, “Bigg Boss 7 fans who don’t like Saturday and Sunday episodes, please don’t waste you time. Sure you have very important things to do. Elections coming up, do vote. Seriously, if you don’t like please don’t watch. Even if one family member does not like it, the rest should respect that, and change the channel.”

What all the viewers seriously need to know is that Salman is trying hard to do what is best. But there are people in the house who are just there to attract attention and are hoping that they may have a great career ahead, once they are out of the house. And like Salman said, exhibiting such bad behavior in front of entire nation, they must stop hoping for a career in the film industry.

All that remains to be said is, “Get a life guys! There’s life beyond Bigg Boss 7. There’s much more.” Jai Ho!

What do you think? Why unnecessarily Salman Khan is brought into this controversy? Do you think by doing all this Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon are earning bonus points, and are hoping to have a beautiful career ahead?

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