Bigg Boss 7: Tanishaa Hits Back At Armaan, REAL Or FAKE?



Bigg Boss 7 and Tanishaa Mukerji. There’s a story to it. Tanishaa portrays herself on screen like she has no mind of her own. Why so?

Tanishaa has been caught smoking, getting too close to Armaan Kohli, getting into constant fights with the other housemates and last but not the least questioning the calibre and stature of the other celebrities who have been inducted into Bigg Boss 7.

One can look at all of this as a personal take, but then what one cannot fathom is the fact that this girl is actually okay being Armaan’s ‘DOOR MAT’.

Armaan on one hand tells her that she is the only woman he respects and loves in the house and on the other hand talks rudely to her. What’s shocking is that ‘Madam Tanishaa’ is fine with this. Tanishaa behaves as if Armaan is his master . And does exactly what he wants her to. This is really sad, because one really cannot understand why this girl is doing what she is doing.

Salman Khan once warned her not to get ‘intimate’ with Armaan, as there are eighty four cameras constantly on them and recently warned her to ‘take a stand’ and not allow anyone to treat her like a ‘DOOR MAT’.

Armaan is known for his foul language and bad temper. Be it Asif Azim or VJ AndyKamya Punjabi or Ajaz Khan, Armaan has not spared anyone. Yes, he has gone back and apologized to all of them, but then what’s the use?

Coming back to Tanishaa, she is coming across as an extremely insecure and repressed woman. Tanishaa has now become ‘Jhansi Ki Rani’ and had her first fight with ‘THE ARMAAN’! This will be aired on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 on Bigg Boss 7.

Was this fight required or this was just to prove a point to Salman that she too and stand up for herself? If one recollects, Tanishaa was the most balanced housemate in the first two weeks and was elected captain twice in a row, but then what went wrong with the girl? No one knows!

What we saw of her in the first two weeks on Bigg Boss 7 was the true Tanishaa or what we see of her now is the true Tanishaa? Well, our guess is as good as yours. Looks like her family has also disowned her because she was the only contestant who did not receive any ‘Diwali Gift’ or even a ‘Diwali Message’ from her family.

One one hand Tanishaa is behaving the way she is and on the other hand her brother-in-law Ajay Devgn attended a press conference, to stand for crime against women! Oh God, where have we come to? Can someone please give this girl a reality check or just pray that viewers do not vote for her this week and she is evicted!

Having said the above, it goes on to show that Tanishaa is desperate to get the stardom that she ‘THINKS’ she ‘DESERVES’. All we can say is – you need to focus and work on the craft as an actor, stardom will follow.

So wake up girl and smell the coffee! What do you say?

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